Friday, April 22, 2005

Muslims Killing Muslims! Iraqi Gov't Getting Mad!

From the VOA News - Bodies of 50 Former Hostages Discovered in Iraq's Tigris River

"Iraq's president says the bodies of 50 people who were held hostage in recent days have been recovered from the Tigris River, and he has vowed action against the killers. Meanwhile, people in a town northwest of Baghdad reported they found 19 bullet-riddled bodies in a soccer stadium, and they believe the dead men were new Iraqi soldiers.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani told reporters in Baghdad the bodies found in the river included men, women, and children. He says they were kidnapped late last week.

"Terrorists committed crimes there. It is not true to say that there were no hostages," he says. "There [were], they were killed and they [the hostage-takers] threw the bodies into the Tigris and more than 50 bodies have been brought out from the Tigris and we have the full names of those that were killed and those criminals who committed those crimes. And Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Allawi, he is going to deal with it. ..."

Hopefully soon, the Good Muslims will start killing more and more of the BAD Muslims.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Fox's "24" Is VERY Far Far-fetched BUT MOST Terrorists ARE Arab Islamic Fascists!

Nfamous over at The Bottom Half just doesn't get this "Terrorist" stuff. The Bottom Half: "24" More Right-Wing Propaganda

"I didn't watch the first two seasons of "24", which currently stars Kevin Sutherland as Jack Bauer, but since football season doesn't start for a while I figured I'd give this season a shot. I must admit it is entertaining. There are a lot of shock and awes which leads me to my point. This season is all about Jack and CTC stopping the Arab terrorists. Do we really need to be further spreading anti-Islamic propaganda? Bush does just fine on his own.

Not only does "24" depict all Arabs as terrorirsts but CTC tortures them Abu Ghraib-style and worse in their efforts to extract information from them. It's almost as if they are trying to legitimize torture with the American public. I don't care how entertaining this show might be I will never support its warped depictions of Arabs or any other people. Unfortunately most people do fall prey to this media propaganda to some extent and end up supporting Bush even when disagree with him on pivotal issues. This type of show does nothing but increase tensions between all ethnic groups.

"24" stereotypes everyone. Women and minorities are passed over for promotions. Only white men are in charge of everything ultimately. I realize previous seasons had a black president which probably explains why "24" did so bad in the ratings those initial seasons. The same thing happened to Star Trek's "Deep Space Nine" series. People just don't like to see blacks running the show, not even many blacks themselves, even more appalling. In the end, there is no winner when we fan the flames of racism at every turn. We all lose."

Despite being very entertaining, Fox TV's thriller "24" (Mondays 9pm) is about as far-fetched and unrealistic as a TV show depicting realism could possibly be, but this year's terrorist villains, as master-minded by Middle Easterners (Arabs), are certainly the most believable part of the show.

Terrorists who are Arabs have committed many many thousands of admitted terrorist acts, most of these in Israel alone.

So "24" having Middle Easterners (Arabs) as most of the terrorists involved in their isolated 24 hour incidents is hardly a stretch.

Sorry, but I don't have the energy right now to list all the flaws in "24". Maybe later, suffice it to say that in real life nothing BIG and BAD ever happens and resolves itself within 24 hours.

That being said, I highly recommend it for heart-stopping, fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat TV entertainment; and for reminding us that the next terrorist attack we survive will most likely be perpetrated by Middle Eastern Islamofascists who will most likely have Arab blood.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

David B. Chalmers: Texas Businessman Indicted in UN Iraq Oil-for-Food SCAMOLA!

From the New York Times: Finally, another American, this time a real American (but WHO REALLY is this guy?), not an Iraqi born one, has been indicted in the UN's Iraq Oil-for-Food SCAM:

"A Texas businessman, as well as a British and a Bulgarian citizen, have been indicted in New York for reportedly paying millions of dollars in secret kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq as part of the United Nations oil-for-food program.

The Texan, David B. Chalmers, a principal of Bay Oil U.S.A. Inc., and an associate of the company, Ludmil Dionissiev, a Bulgarian and permanent American resident, were arrested this morning at their homes in Houston.

The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, David N. Kelley, said at a news briefing this morning in Manhattan that he would seek the extradition from England of a third defendant, John Irving.

Mr. Kelley said Mr. Chalmers and the other defendants played 'a pivotal role' in efforts to fix the price of oil that was traded and sold under the oil-for-food program and 'facilitated the payment of illegal surchages' on the oil to the Hussein government.

The money was intended to be used for relief purposes.

In a complaint stemming from the same investigation, a South Korean citizen, Tongsun Park, is charged with conspiracy to act in the United States as an unregistered agent of the Iraqi government in creating the oil-for-food program.

Mr. Park, who is believed to be living in South Korea, is said to have received $2 million from the Iraqi government, and to have used some of that money 'to take care of' a United Nations official, Mr. Kelley said.

Mr. Chalmers is the second American indicted in the scandal-ridden program.

Many member countries at the United Nations have refused to cooperate fully with a separate, independent inquiry by investigators looking into waste, fraud and mismanagement in the oil-for-food program, which was approved by the Security Council in 1995, allowing Iraq to sell limited quantities of oil in return for essential goods.

The Independent Inquiry Committee, head by Paul A. Volcker, former head of the Federal Reserve, has issued two interim reports of its findings, and a final report is due in midsummer.

In its first interim report, on Feb. 4, the commission found that the former head of the program, Benon V. Sevan, had a 'grave and continuing conflict of interest' in helping a friend obtain valuable Iraqi oil contracts and said a second United Nations official, Joseph Stephanides, had violated procurement rules. Both men have been suspended and are in the process of answering United Nations charges against them.

Questions have also been raised about the participation of Kojo Annan, son of the United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan. The elder Mr. Annan was criticized in the most recent interim report on the grounds that he failed to perceive the appearance of a conflict of interest when Kojo Annan was employed by a contractor employed by the program.

Kofi Annan told 1,600 employees gathered in the General Assembly hall on April 6 that there had been 'troubling lapses' in the management of the Iraq program but that he was making changes to prevent any recurrence.

The other American indicted in connection to the oil-for-food program was Samir A. Vincent, an Iraqi-American businessman. On Jan. 18, he pleaded guilty to lobbying influential Americans on behalf of Mr. Hussein without registering as a foreign agent. Mr. Vincent admitted he had secretly been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and granted rights to sell millions of dollars' worth of Iraqi oil, in exchange for working to end United Nations economic sanctions imposed in 1990. He is now cooperating with Mr. Kelley."

Who is this fellow David Bay Chalmers Jr.?

Forbes Magazine mentioned Mr. Chalmers in their 11.15.04 "The Saddam Shuffle" by Michael Maiello

Friends of Saddam has more on Mr. David Chalmers here and here.

The Washington Post chimes in here.

When Chalmer's indictment was announced I searched out his company, Bayoil USA Inc. in Houston. Here is their #: 713.222.7100. Their Voice Mail system gives the name of their employees. I googled a one "John Overbey" (I later checked the spelling with someone who answered the phone a few days later) and found that a John Overbey and George Bush Sr. started an oil company called Bush-Overbey Oil Development Co. together in Houston in 1950.

I wonder whether if it's the same John Overbey (or a relation), he'd have to be 75-85 years old, but wouldn't it be a bit embarrassing to the President?

"A few houses away from George Bush there lived a certain John Overbey. According to Overbey, the "people from the east and the people from Texas or Oklahoma all seemed to have two things in common. They all had a chance to be stockbrokers or investment bankers. And they all wanted to learn the oil business instead." [fn 7] Overbey made his living as a landman. Since George Bush would shortly also become a landman, it is worth investigating what this occupation actually entails; in doing so, we will gain a permanent insight into Bush's character. The role of the landman in the Texas oil industry was to try to identify properties where oil might be found, sometimes on the basis of leaked geological information, sometimes after observing that one of the major oil companies was drilling in the same locale. The land man would scout the property, and then attempt to get the owner of the land to sign away the mineral rights to the property in the form of a lease. ..."

Let the truth be told, and the chips fall where they may...


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dolphins Humping Enemy SCUBA Divers?

After reading this piece from Foggy Ruminations, you won't be worried about enemy SCUBA divers ever again, probably.

Basically, the terrorists just aren't up to the task, what with all the the serious and precise training, technology, planning and attitude required. It's just too risky, the odds of success are extremely low, and there's generally not a big enough potential terror benefit.

With all this, they've still got the killer dolphins to worry about.

"Finally, the REASON AQ divers would never have the sack to enter any major US port, or come near US vessels in the Persian Gulf. Scroll down to the Mk 6 dolphin program which is managed by Navy EOD. Mk 6 dolphins are a diver’s worst nightmare, and that is no understatement. ..."

The following would make a great, crowd pleasing scene in some terrorism movie:

"These marine mammals are trained to find and attack divers that are operating in the patrol area. Imagine swimming around a US warship laden with explosives at night with ill intentions on your mind, and suddenly a 500 lb. dolphin rams into your side at full speed out of nowhere. Of course this dolphin has a nose cone attached to a .45 caliber contact initiated round for good measure.

Or how about a needle connected to a CO2 cartridge that injects the diver with gas forcing him to rapidly surface? Essentially the dolphin will continue to ram the diver until he surfaces… dead or alive. At which point, the guy will either have had a stroke or heart attack, certainly several broken bones, and perhaps even be shot from the pier. These things are for real, and they don’t dick around. ..."

And now for the final humiliation:

"After considering the cost, most terrorists would rather go with the old car bomb standby or the spray and pray at a crowded shopping mall routine. To add insult to injury, dolphins are very, shall I say, sexually aggressive by nature. Mk 6 dolphins don’t generally contain their appetites to their own species either. I’m not sure how that could be explained to Allah in the afterlife."

Finally, have the camera slowly fade to black as 3 huge horny dolphins brutally gang-hump the broken, bloody and humiliated terrorist, as his agonizing screaming and sobbing keeps getting softer and weaker once it goes black.

Please Hollywood, please bring back some good old terrorist movies, and give us more scenes like this one.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stay Away Jimmy Carter, Stay Far Away!

Boo hoo, little Jimmy Carter won't go to the Pope's funeral as part of President Bush's party. He was snubbed, Dubya didn't beg him to come. Boo hoo...

He also could've flown over on his own dime, who would of stopped him? But no, instead he sucks up to his imagined arch-enemy George W. Bush, and then acts all surprised and indignant when he partially imagines he's been spurned. Boo boo hoo...stay home Jimmy.

For a most entertaining and informative read on what was, and is wrong with former President Jimmy Carter, check out Matt May's piece "The Unmitigated Gall of Jimmy Carter" that I found at The American Thinker:

"According to The American Spectator, former president Jimmy Carter - through his lackeys at the Carter Center - inundated the White House with requests not only to be a part of the American delegation to the Vatican for the funeral of Pope John Paul II, but with requests to actually lead the American delegation should President Bush choose not to attend. A White House staffer told the Spectator that over 100 calls were placed on behalf of the worst president this nation has ever had.

Correctly, the White House told the former president (presumably in the most diplomatic way) to get lost...."

Mr. May mentions enough reasons why Carter was and is still a fool, without even bringing up one of the most despicable acts of his Presidency: That being when he bowed before the Iranian's and refused to "kick ass" for them kidnapping our Tehran Embassy staff back in 1979 and holding them hostage for 444 days until as soon as Reagan entered office, and then the Iranians got smart very quickly and immediately released them all.

"...In addition to making an ass of himself and embarassing the United States all over the world, and making nice with gangsters like Arafat and Castro, Carter was never seen as any great friend of the Vatican. Twice during his miserable term in office, Carter was confronted with the death of a pope. Twice he declined to attend the funerals and sent in his stead his wife to the first and his mother to the second. During the short time Carter was president when Pope John Paul II was heading the Catholic church, Carter did much to undermine the pope's wishes to eliminate the Marxist "Libertarian Theology" movement in the Latin American church by word and deed.

In short, because of his bililous hatred and disrespect for the president in particular and the office in general, and for his previous slaps in the face to the Vatican and to the policies of freedom championed by Pope John Paul II, Jimmy Carter has no business at the pope's funeral. His presence there would be an example of deep hypocrisy, and President Bush knows it to be so. No doubt, however, Carter's self-importance and bitterness at being left behind will tempt him to call upon the Vatican to enlist him in overseeing the college of cardinals as they congregate to elect a new pope. Remember, no election is certified and valid unless Mr. Peanut says so."

I know little Jimmy would be welcome down in Cuba sitting in front of Fidel's tube and watching the Pope's funeral on CNN.

boo hoo...


Saturday, April 02, 2005

FBI Crackerjacks - Stumblebums Again

Duh! Apparently the FBI needed a tip to finally do a thorough search of Oklahoma Bomber Terry Nichol's home almost 10 years after the fact. - FBI finds explosives in Nichols home - Apr 1, 2005

"Tipped they may have missed evidence a decade ago, FBI agents searched the former home of convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols and found blasting caps and other explosive materials apparently related to the 1995 attack, officials said Friday.

FBI officials said the material was found buried in a crawl space of the house in Herington, Kansas, which wasn't checked by agents during the numerous searches of the property during the original investigation of Nichols and Timothy McVeigh...."

Wow, a crawl space! Ingenious! I would never expect anyone to be astute enough to search a crawl space, I can understrand how the FBI might miss that. I mean they'd have to get down on their hands and knees and crawl around and get dirty and stuff. What a pain, besides, no one trying to hide bomb making material would ever go to the trouble of using a crawl space, nah. It's just too obvious.

If it wasn't just so pathetic and sad, and downright reckless and dangerous, it would be hilarious.



White Supremacists & Islamic Supremacists: Perfect Together!

Bravo to CNN for bringing us this piece, time will tell if they stick with it: " - An unholy alliance - Mar 29, 2005: "SEBRING, Florida (CNN) -- A couple of hours up the road from where some September 11 hijackers learned to fly, the new head of Aryan Nation is praising them -- and trying to create an unholy alliance between his white supremacist group and al Qaeda."

The Aryan Nation's National Director August Kreis says:

"'You say they're terrorists, I say they're freedom fighters. And I want to instill the same jihadic feeling in our peoples' heart, in the Aryan race, that they have for their father, who they call Allah.'"

"Kreis wants to make common cause with al Qaeda because, he says, they share the same enemies: Jews and the American government...."

"...The idea of a Nazi-Islamic alliance dates back to World War II, when Adolf Hitler played host to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, that city's Muslim leader. Some Nazis, moreover, found refuge in places like Egypt and Syria after the war..."

Hopefully this will fuel interest in exposing the truth about a Middle Eastern connection in the Oklahoma Bombing of April 1995.


Oklahoma City Bombing Has Clear Mid-East Connection!

After checking this out, see if you don't wonder why the FBI and the Justice Department not only refuse to investigate a Middle Eastern connection in the Oklahoma City Bombing, they also refuse to DENY that there WAS NOT such a connection.

You should also wonder why this intelligence bungling and Arab appeasement which began under the Clinton administration, has continued to this day under the supposed "War on Terror" Bush crowd.

Please read this and send everyone you know this story.