Monday, February 21, 2005

Driver's Licences Are A Way To Register Illegal Immigrants!

From the Quad-City Times:

"DES MOINES — The Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that illegal immigrants are not entitled to drivers licenses.

The court rejected an appeal from Polk County District Court brought by two illegal immigrants, identified by the pseudonyms “Juan and Maria Sanchez.” They were joined on the case by two unnamed licensed drivers who said it would be safer for all drivers if illegal immigrants could get licenses."

I don't understand why people don't want immigrants to be registered. Isn't that one of the problems with illegal immigrants? We don't know who most of them are, or where they are. They have no official or reliable identification. No listed address.

Most of them that need to drive, will, without a license. This means they may not be trained well at driving and understanding the traffic laws.

How can anybody want more bad drivers on the road?

People have the right to dislike immigrants, and to want to deny them benefits of citizenship. But how is having a "driver's license" in itself so great? I mean it's so basic to having everything run smoothly, that it should be a given; given the person takes any required classes and passes the written and driving tests, and pays any fees, that they should be given a license to drive an automobile.

The states can and do require all sorts of ID and information about license applicants, so in this way, if immigrants could get licenses then many illegal immigrants would apply for a license, and register, and have to give their addresses. And thus, if they needed to be picked up for criminal or terrorist questioning or to be deported, they could more reliably be found.

Their licenses could be marked, like with a Scarlet "II" for Illegal Immigrant, or use a code word like "Provisional Driver" or "Guest Driver" or something.

Immigrant drivers that violate traffic laws can be more reliably dealt with, at least the LAW would be pretty sure who they are.

Hopefully other state courts will not follow Iowa's.

Driver's Licences Are A Way To Register Illegal Immigrants!