Sunday, March 06, 2005

Radical Islam Has NOTHING To Do With Peace!

Wake up "Tolerant" Americans! Radical Islam is all about subjugating or killing anybody who IS NOT a radical Islamist.

Barbara J. Stock writes on that "Muslime Enjoy Public Beheadings an Executions"

"...What we Americans are constantly told is that Islam is only peace and love. Tell that to the 1300 Iraqi policemen executed over a two month span. Tell that to Margaret Hassoon who had spent her adult life helping the people of Iraq . Tell that to the Afghani men who were beaten because their beards were too short, or those executed because they were caught listening to music. Tell that to the families of those burned to death in a bread oven. Tell that to the child beaten for flying a kite..."

These sick and most INTOLERANT racists and killers MUST be destroyed. Yes, destroyed! They are practically pure evil. Wake up, grow up and rise up "Tolerant" Americans and Europeans.