Monday, January 23, 2006

Clinton Bombs for Saddam's WMDs in 1998!!!

More good stuff from: Michelle Malkin: DID BUSH LIE? GOOGLE IT

Who would have thunk it? Just enter "Clinton Iraq 1998" in Google and what comes right up all over the place? President Clinton announcing that he has bombed some of Saddam's WMD sites.

He and the Democrats were the first ones to claim (rightfully so) that Saddam was developing WMD and stalling and stonewalling the U.N. "inspections".

Here are the first five results from Google today:

From CNN 1998:

Clinton: Iraq has abused its last chance

Transcript: President Clinton explains Iraq strike

From The Weekly Standard:

The Clinton View of Iraq-al Qaeda Ties

Democrats for Regime Change

From The Federation of American Scientists:

Clinton Signs Iraq Liberation Act

"...The statement concluded, "Saddam is the problem and he cannot be part of
any solution in Iraq. Therefore, President Clinton's action today is
the most appropriate response to Saddam. Let him know that Iraqis will
rise up to liberate themselves from his totalitarian dictatorship and
that the US is ready to help their democratic forces with arms to do so.
Only then will the trail of tragedy in Iraq end. Only then will Iraq be
free of weapons of mass destruction. ..."

Rub this in Dean's, Kerry's, Murtha's, Pellozi's, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga's and Clinton's faces.

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