Saturday, May 07, 2005

Black Woman Fakes Hate Crime To Get Out Of Classes!

Here's one example of one way all this "Hate Crime" business has been a huge mistake. This "Hate Crime" faker should be prosecuted completely. Imagine if the racial roles were reversed. From La Shawn Barber’s Corner - Alicia Hardin, Exposed:

"Update II: Alicia Hardin is going to have a hard time in life if she doesn’t learn to accept responsibility for her actions. She now claims she didn’t send the letters, and the cops “forced” her to say she did.


By now most of you’ve heard about the black student at Trinity International University whose fake-hating caused the evacuation of minority students to a local hotel. We finally have a name to go with this treachery. Alicia Hardin has been charged with a hate crime for mailing “racist” threats to fellow students at the school. Why? Because she wanted to go home. She figure this stunt would convince her mother that the Christian college was “dangerous.”"

"The letters, filled with threats and racial slurs, were sent to two black students and a Hispanic student over the past three weeks. The third letter contained a threat to use a weapon against a black female student.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who met with students and parents after the letters were made public, said last week, “It was painful to talk with the students. They feel there are targets on their back because they are black, because they are involved in interracial dating relationships.”
However, the president of the university, Gregory Waybright, said Friday that there was no mention of interracial dating in the letters. (Source)"


What if this student faker had been a black man?

Imagine if a white woman did this: She sends threatening "KILL Whities!" letters, allegedly written by a black (or blacks), to fellow white students.

Now imagine a white man did this.

Of these four people, who would get the most punishment?

Who should get the most punishment?

Or, should all four people get the same punishment?

And what should that punishment be?

Here's an intersting piece on "reverse racism" of the name calling kind.