Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let's Try Guilty BY REASON Of Insanity For A Change!

If this piece of human trash had been found guilty by reason of insanity for bashing his sister's head in, he wouldn't have been able to kill his girlfriend's kid. It was from Texas Jurors Convict Man in Boy's Death

"SAN ANTONIO -- A man was convicted of murder Wednesday for smothering his girlfriend's 6-year-old son and stuffing the boy's body in an oven last year.
Kenneth Pierott, 28, faces up to 99 years in prison. He showed no emotion as the verdict was read.
Jurors deliberated for just under four hours before rejecting the defense's argument that Pierott was mentally ill and didn't know smothering the child was wrong. ..."

"During the trial, prosecutors wheeled into the courtroom the beat-up oven in which Tre-Devin's body was found, lying in a fetal position. Police said the oven had all its burners on and the oven temperature turned to 600 degrees, but the oven did not heat because the pilot light wasn't lit.

Pierott was earlier found innocent by reason of insanity in the 1996 fatal beating of his sister, who suffered from cerebral palsy. Stephanie Pierott, 25, weighed only 43 pounds when Pierott beat her with a dumbbell so severely that he displaced her eyeballs and crushed her skull. He spent about four months in a state mental hospital in 1998 before he was released.

Jurors did not hear of his acquittal in the case. ..."

Thank God he's in Texas, hopefully this piece of vile garbage will be fried, either by the State, or by some fellow child killer-hating inmates before he serves out his life sentence. Let's pray he gets at least that.

People like this DO NOT deserve to live.