Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How Many Times Can They Kill This Guy?

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US governor reprieves man facing 1,000th execution:

"A convicted killer due to become the 1,000th prisoner to be executed in the US since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 was reprieved last night when the governor of Virginia commuted his sentence to life in prison.

Robin Lovitt, 42, found guilty of fatally stabbing a pool hall worker with scissors during a botched robbery, had been due to die by lethal injection at the Greenville correctional centre in Virginia today. ..."

Maybe this guy didn't do it. If it's ever proven that he's innocent, the State of Virginia can let him out, give him $5 Million and say they're sorry.

If they had killed him, there would have probably been less effort to try to prove him innocent, and maybe even more reason to try to suppress any new evidence in his favor.

If he still was found innocent eventually, how would the State of Virginia "apologise" then?