Sunday, April 02, 2006

Monkey Scum of Suburbs Targets and Tortures French Jews

If this story doesn't piss you off then you are sick. Barbarians of suburbs target French Jews - Sunday Times - Times Online:
"Matthew Campbell, Paris

THE pretty schoolgirl known as Yalda wore tight white trousers and thigh-high boots to the rendezvous. Her target, a young Jewish telephone salesman, quickly fell under her spell. He meekly followed her when she suggested a nightcap at her place.

It would be his last date.

The testimony of this 17-year-old femme fatale who happily offered herself as “bait” in the kidnapping of Ilan Halimi, whose tortured body was found on wasteland, has shocked a country which is haunted by a painful history of anti-semitism.

Yalda’s only moment of doubt came when she heard Halimi’s shrieks as he was carried away by thugs in balaclava helmets. “He screamed for two minutes, with a high-pitched voice like a girl,” she told investigators. ..."

These barbarian monkees must be hunted down and exterminated.

France can ill afford to let this human garbage run wild, the country is already in the toilet and it's getting worse.

Hopefully, with the new French labor law, more of these young Banloonies will be able to get jobs and then will be too busy to get into as much killer monkee mischief.