Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Right Truth: Three year old Afghan bride, beaten and Monkees!

For those who defend this? Then EFF them!

Right Truth: Three year old Afghan bride, beaten and tortured: "Three year old Afghan bride, beaten and tortured

Gulsoma's father died when she was three years old. Her mother and new step-father didn't want her, so she was given to a 30 year old neighbor as his bride. From the beginning of this 'marriage', Gulsoma was beaten, starved, burned, caged, and used as a slave to the 'husband', father-in-law and twelve other family children.

'My father-in-law asked me to do everything — laundry, the household chores — and the only time I was able to sleep in the house was when they had guests over,' she says. 'Other than that I would have to sleep outside on a piece of carpet without even any blankets. In the summer it was okay. But in the winter a neighbor would come over and give me a blanket, and sometimes some food.'..."

But wait, the Religion of Peace, this must be an aborration. A totally isolated incident.

"When she couldn't keep up with the workload, Gulsoma says, she was beaten constantly.

"They beat me with electric wires," she says, "mostly on the legs. My father-in-law told his other children to do it that way so the injuries would be hidden. He said to them, 'break her bones, but don't hit her on the face.'" they used her as a human tabletop, forcing her to lie on her stomach then cutting their food on her bare back.

Then, she says, he locked her in a shed for two months. ..."

Yeah, but she must have deserved this right? I mean they're Muslims, their religion couldn't condone this, could it?

No, it must not, otherwise Islam would NOT be a Religion of Peace and Forgiveness. Right?

If this poor girl's 'family' actually believed their treatment of this girl was justified and right, the father wouldn't say 'break her bones, but don't hit her on the face.'.

He obviously knows that it is wrong, or at least that some other people in the community would definitely not approve.

People who do shit like this are total garbage. Human scum, and hating them is healthy and just.

They are amoung the worst savage killer monkeys on the planet.

It's total bullsheet to say 'Well, it's just their culture.' Like raping, torturing and beating little girls could be a legitimate part of any legitimate culture. To those who say this, I say 'EFF YOU! you sick fuck!'

If it is part of any culture, then it follows that that culture is a crap culture, a savage, primitive and evil culture.

That culture most certainly does not practice any 'Religion of Peace'.