Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dicks, Toads and Wimps...

From - Bush nudges Social Security bill without private accounts:

"WASHINGTON (AP) — With the acquiescence of their leaders, key House Republicans are drafting Social Security legislation stripped of President Bush's proposed personal accounts financed with payroll taxes and lacking provisions aimed at assuring long-term solvency.

Instead, according to officials familiar with the details, the measure showcases a promise, designed to reassure seniors, that Social Security surplus funds will be held inviolate, available only to create individual accounts that differ sharply from Bush's approach. ..."

I was afraid of this, of Bush caving in to the lying Dems regarding Social Security reform.

Wouldn't you rather have your heirs get your SS payments after your gone? Well wouldn't you? Why not? Why wouldn't you? Why? Why?