Saturday, June 04, 2005

iPod Thieves Deserve Death When In The Act!

Yup, it's fair, if some dirtball (which you are if you ROB someone) is killed in the act of a robbery using violence or the threat of violence, they deserved it, period! Rip an iPod off someone and run into the street and get smashed by a truck, and iCheer, yup, you deserved it.

Go ahead, pull that stolen iPod out when a policeman is chasing you, and get shot when he thinks it's a gun? iCheer, you deserved it! Some piece of sheet tries to steal an iPod and gets beaten to death by the owner, iCheer, he deserved it. And the victim should be given the benefit of the doubt in claims of self-defence.

From Gothamist: iPod Thefts Don't Surprise New Yorkers:

"The NYPD's news that iPods may be prompting a rise in subway crime gave the media a great way to sensationalize the darling MP3 player. For instance, ABC 7 had this cute graphic (right) and this catchy opening:

If the crime had a name, it would be called 'iRob'- subway riding-thieves targeting people listening to music on their iPod. When the time is right, the thief snatches the device and hops off the train just before the doors close.

But, as with many things, iPod users aren't that surprised and seem to be trucking along: One rider explains her nonchalance to the NY Times by saying, 'It was a concern when I first got it. But I live in Williamsburg, and on the L train everybody has one.' So along with funky glasses and exquisitely weathered denim, iPods seem to be standard issue in Williamsburg! Not only do we like the comparison of iPods to 8-ball jackets, which were stolen during many early 90s thefts, Gothamist liked one of the reader comments from yesterday's post and now we wonder the same: When are the iPod decoys coming? Or the headphones that look like hair extensions? "

Or just paint your headphone cords black like I did, cuz the white iPod ones are a "dead" giveaway.

Of course, if these thieves are caught and put through the system, and found guilty, they don't deserve a death sentence.

But in the act of committing a robbery using violence, the threat of violence, or even if a victim simply perceives the threat of violence, the robber(s) deserves whatever Karma dishes up for them, even a most painful and horrifying death.