Sunday, June 12, 2005

Extra Super-Sized "Rudy" Moment...Brings a Town to Tears

Thanks to Ms. Malkin for linking over to this amazing SUPER-Charged "Rudy" experience that just happened out in California:

A long shot in more ways than one brings a town to tears
: "A long shot in more ways than one brings a town to tears
Ryan Bellflower's future is uncertain, but for one shining moment...

By Tim Dahlberg
The Associated Press

CLOVIS, Calif. -- The chant began late in the fourth quarter in the basketball gym at Clovis East High. The students started it first, clapping their hands in unison and pounding the bleachers with their feet.

It didn't take long for the parents to pick it up, too. The noise grew until the whole gym seemed to shake.

'We want Ryno. We want Ryno.'

Pacing the sideline, Coach Tim Amundsen felt himself getting goose bumps. Less than 4 minutes remained in the game, and Clovis East was winning comfortably over rival Buchanan High. Now Amundsen had a decision to make.

It was senior night, the last time Ryan Belflower would wear his home uniform. Everyone in the gym knew his story.

Ryan was a special education student who would do anything to fit in and worked tirelessly to make that happen. His basketball career began..."

You must click over and read the rest of this amazing, touching, hopeful and inspiring story here.

Please don't ever forget this story, I know I won't.