Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mike Whitney's 'Death Squad Democracy' Implies U.S. Trained Assassins Killing Americans!

The impression I get from Mike Whitney'sDeath Squad Democracy over at Dissident Voice is that he is implying that the Iraqi insurgency isn't killing other Iraqis, but that they are being killed by Iraqi black-ops killers trained by U.S. Military secret assassination trainers. I think he seems to imply that these Iraqi Government Assassins are also launching offensives and bombings which end up killing American soldiers as well.

Here he goes:
"The notion that Iraq is now consumed by civil war depends on a number of assumptions that are inherently false. First of all, it assumes that the Pentagon is ignoring the fundamental principle that underscores all wars: “Know your enemy.” In this case, there’s no doubt about who the enemy is: it is the 87% of the Iraqi people who want to see an immediate end to the American occupation. Therefore, the greatest threat to American objectives of permanent bases and occupation is the camaraderie that manifests itself in the form of Arab solidarity or Iraqi nationalism.

To this end, the Pentagon, through its surrogates in the media, has created a “self-fulfilling” narrative that civil war is already under way. Most of the war coverage now makes it appear as though the violence is generated from ethnic tensions and sectarian hatred. But is it? Some of the more astute observers have noticed that other parts of the propaganda war, (like references to the “imaginary” al-Zarqawi) have completely vanished from the newspapers, as government spin-doctors are now devoting 100% of their time to promoting their latest product line: civil war. ..."

Read the rest of this Al-Jazeera contributor's rant here.

This Moonbat doesn't believe that the insurgent terrorists have been killing innocent Iraqi citizens.

He thinks the White House and the American Military want a civil war in Iraq.

He thinks that the new Iraqi Government wants a civil war in Iraq.

He therefore must believe that if the U.S. Military were to leave Iraq immediately there would be no ore fighting and just peace and love everywhere.

This boy is out there.