Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mr. PRESIDENT! It's Not Islamophobia , It's IslamISTphobia!

This thing with the Ports, it's NOT Islamophobia , it's IslamISTphobia! Do you hear that and understand this President Bush, Charles Krauthammer, Larry Kudlow, Jack Kemp and David Brooks, and RealClearPolitics?

My definition of IslamISTphobia: A rational and justified fear of violent radical IslamOfascists whose ideology calls for enslaving the planet with a world Caliphate and Sharia Law for everyone on Earth.

Islamophobia - Bad
IslamISTphobia - GOOD

Got it? IslamISTphobia: Don't be afraid of it, embrace it.

Tony Blankley boils down this 'Ports Deal' stuff: :: Columns :: Islamistphobia-phobia by Tony Blankley - Mar 1, 2006:


Not by chance, some months ago -- well before the Dubai port issue had emerged -- I had had extended conversations with senior executives of an American port management company. They had explained the close inter-working of the management team with the Coast Guard, Customs and local law enforcement in trying to secure the full import process (which starts at foreign ports and continues on board ship, through the terminal and includes local law enforcement -- with management an active agent of that strived-for seamless process) .

Based on that and other research I had carried out last year for my book, I understood that merely repeating the mantra that "security is exclusively run by the Coast Guard, Customs and Homeland Security" -- as we heard late last week -- was somewhere between an incomplete and a deceptive statement. But for those with a limited knowledge of the topic and other policy axes to grind, once they were fed the mantra, it was a short step to the nativist, Islamophobic charge.

Of course Islamophobia is a repulsive mentality -- suggestive of old-fashioned hate of others. But, as Denmark's leading Islamic scholar, Jacob Skovgaard-Petersen, explained in 2004, there is a different and growing phobia, which he named "Islamistphobia." This is not an atavistic hatred of another man's skin or faith or last name, but is instead the fear of the ideas and conduct of radical Muslims. ..."

IslamISTphobia is a good thing, we must embrace it, not run from it, hide from it, or deny it. More and more people MUST become IslamISTphobic if we Planet Dwellers hope to eliminate this viscious, soulless disease of a growing number of hearts and minds.

The aforementioned big names running interference for the Prez seem to believe, or are acting like they believe, that Arab sensitivity is more important that America's sensitivity, security and/or peace of mind.

I wonder if they would approve of outsourcing Homeland Security to Saudi Arabia to Please Arabs?

In fact, many middle-easterners will probably laugh their asses off in disbelief if this deal goes through.

In their eyes we will be even BIGGER fools than they already think we are.

Do you really think for one minute that Arab nations would allow the U.S., the 'Great Satan', to run their ports?

They would never stand for it. No way!

We can make it up to the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries in other ways. I'm not saying we should give them a break on the stolen children camel racing problems they have, but we'll think of something.

Frontpage Mag interviewed David Holly back in October about his very worthwhile and vital campaign to educate the masses about "The Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam".

Read it all folks, and then read it again and again later and later.

This is a healthy and prudent fear that we should all seek out and strive to internalize.

Please spread the word, help save our planet from global slavery.