Friday, February 24, 2006

Outsource Homeland Security to Saudi Arabia to Please Arabs!

Hey, here's a great idea to please the Arab countries and all the Muslims, from moderates to radical IslamOfascist monkee killers that dream of destroying and taking over America:

The U.S. should outsource Homeland Security to Saudi Arabia! After all, they are one of our biggest allies in the Middle East when it comes to the GWIFT (Global War on Islamic Fascism & Terror).

Why not? This would be a great way to "make a statement" that we trust any country with our security, even one that secretly nurtures, finances and educates many of their citizenry toward desiring the Non-Islamic world to be enslaved under Sharia Law.

They'll really start to love us after this, terrorism will start to diminish, and many IslamOfascists will start becoming more and more Hippyish and Flowerchildish.

They'll no longer kidnap innocent men and women and slice their heads off on TV.

They will stop raping young women and then stoning them for adultery after they become pregnant.

They will stop hating all Jews and wanting to "wipe Israel off the map".

Why not? This would be a very nice gift to the Islamic world. A way of saying thank you for not comitting any major terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 9/11.

Hey look, TENNESSEE GUERILLA WOMEN points out how Canada beat much of the rescue effort down to New Orleans after Hurricaine Katrina.

We could probably save a lot of money too, and more and more Saudi citizens will need jobs as the lavish Saudi entitlements get harder and harder to sustain.

So, if after all the hoopla to come, the UAE doesn't get the U.S. Ports contract, we've got to give them something. Right?

Of course, otherwise the UAE won't want to be an ally of ours in the GWIFT.

(The Jawa Report makes an excellent clarification of 'Allies & Friends' here:
"Why Port Security Matters, and Why Allies are not Friends")

They'll become an enemy in the GWIFT? They'll probably start openly and proudly supporting the IslamOfascist murderers and attacking Western tourists in the fancy malls of Abu Dhabi.

Come on, get real. I think not.

They can't afford to be against us, they want continued access to our BIG AMERICAN DOLLARS and our young blond girls.

But, we have to give them something. Hmmm??

I got it, let's give them the U.S. Postal Service. What a patronage mill, they'll love it, and we'll save a lot of money too! And make money too of course! I wonder how much they would pay? $30 Billion? $100 Billion? WOW!

And is it even possible that they could do a worse job, after all, the management and all the workers will still be in place. Only the ownership of the work contract will change.

Hmmm??? What next? The Treasury and the U.S. Mint maybe.

And of course what about the airports? If selling another ally like Kuwait the contract to run the major U.S. Airports would make the Muslims really start to love us; it might actually be worth taking the chance at another massive terrorist attack the likes of which could make 9/11 look like we got off easy.

I mean, what are the odds?

Afterall, 'Making a statement' of friendship and trust to the Muslims is the most important thing.


Common Dreams points out that "Treasury Secretary John Snow, who signed off on this purchase, was formerly the head of CSX before he joined the Cabinet. A year after Snow joined the Cabinet, CSX sold off its overseas port operations to DP World for $1.23 billion. As chair of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., Secretary Snow presided over the committee’s approval of the ports deal. ..."

The far far left at finally agrees with their favorite villain.

"In the face of an orgy of political grandstanding and Arab-bashing, Bush strongly defended his administration's approval of the deal and even threatened to veto any attempts by congressional bigots to block the deal. Maybe the realists are finally taking charge in the Bush White House."

Both Secretaries' Snow and Rice have asked "What kind of a statement are we making..." when we deny this deal to run our major ports to a country with shady but undeniable ties to terrorism.

Here's a statement:

We simply don't want to take any unnecessary chances with our lives. No offence intended. If Terrorism emanated from Europe we wouldn't want a European country running our ports either.

It's nothing personal. We'd love you guys (the UAE) to buy lots of American companies and stuff, just not a few things.