Tuesday, February 07, 2006

1st Michelle Malkin Film?: FIRST, THEY CAME: THE MOVIE

MAJOR KUDOS to Ms. Malkin for creating this brilliant very short film to educate the masses; young and old, east and west, and left and right, about the encroaching evil which is creeping IslamOfascism and all its unadmited intolerance, cruelty, barbarism and brutality.

Regarding all this 'Cartoons of the Prophet' nonsense and escalating violence:
"By Michelle Malkin - February 04, 2006 11:05 AM

I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I toyed around with Windows Movie Maker and put together a little, 2-minute photo/video montage about the Muhammad cartoons.

It's called 'First, They Came'--and I hope it will speak to many around the world in a universal way. ..."

You really must see this a few times, I recommend pausing when you see it for a second time when you want to read all the Nutters' protest signs and stuff.
Download and watch the movie (.wmv file).

Non-Catholics don't have to obey Catholic doctrine, so why do non-Muslims have to obey the Islamic law of never creating a likeness of their Prophet Muhammad?

Muslims can't demand that non-Muslims not draw a picture of the Prophet.

Besides, what do you think is the real reason for this? They say that this is to reduce idolatry, that drawing a picture of Muhammad is idolatry.

Maybe the Prophet just wasn't very attractive and thus his likeness was deemed to be not a good tool for spreading Islam?

Just maybe?

No, I'm sure he was a very handsome man!

BizzyBlog has a take on this cartoon madness and Michelle's film and also dreams of Malkin for President!

She'd be much better than Hillary, a lot cuter too.

Run Michelle Run! Please make some more films someday! Go Michelle go!