Saturday, February 04, 2006

U.K. Easy on Sick Sex Crimes! What Would the 'Best Pedophile' Get?

On Sky news I found this gem of an example of how lax the criminal sentences are. They redefine the word 'liberal'.
Pay-As-You-Go Paedophile Jailed: "Pay-As-You-Go Pervert
Updated: 19:36, Friday February 03, 2006

Britain's 'worst paedophile' has been jailed for three years after targeting thousands of children across the country.

Anthony Dore used untraceable pay-as-you-go mobiles to coerce boys and girls as young as five into committing sexual acts.

The shaven-headed 50-year-old posed either as a teacher or as a relaxation technique researcher to talk to his victims.

He concentrated on ethnic minority communities, which he believed would be more compliant, Inner London Crown Court heard.

Police said, considering the 'tens of thousands' of calls he made and the number of victims that came forward, he was the country's 'worst' paedophile.

Judge Quentin Campbell, sentencing, said Dore's lengthy and 'bizarre' reign of perversion may well have caused 'irreparable psychological harm' to his victims.

'Therefore your acts were evil in the extreme.'

Dore also targeted a huge number of other children while on bail.

The scaffolder, of St Albans Road, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to a total of 16 offences of inciting children to 'commit acts of gross indecency' between July 2003 and February last year."

WOW! Three whole years for targeting thousands of children! I think the courts were way too rough on this monkey piece of scum. But hey, he's the "'worst' paedophile", he deserves it right?

Are you nuts? He deserves to be beaten and raped every night for life times two in prison.

Obviously Britain really doesn't consider sex crimes against children to be that "evil in the extreme".