Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Watch HBO's Dealing Dogs - Kidnapped Dogs Brutalized!

Check this new HBO movie out about a brave young man going undercover to work at a notoriously brutal and disgusting dog farm to gather loads of evidence to try to help the group 'Last Chance For Animals' shut down C.C. Baird's "Martin Creek Kennels":

HBO: Dealing Dogs - Synopsis: "Class B dealers operate under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture and are required by law to treat animals humanely. They are also required to purchase animals only when sellers have all appropriate documentation. Apparently, some dealers ignore these requirements while also purchasing animals that may be strays or may have been stolen directly from owners' yards.

Four years in the making, DEALING DOGS follows the undercover investigation of Martin Creek Kennel by the animal rights group Last Chance for Animals. A young man who goes by the name of 'Pete' in the film wore a hidden camera while he worked a low- level job hosing kennels at the dog dealer. Over the course of six months, Pete secretly filmed activities at Martin Creek Kennel, including the beating and shooting of dogs, and recorded footage of animals that were left to languish in their kennels and suffered from malnourishment, life-threatening disease and injury, among other abuses. Dog corpses are shown piled up on the property and in trenches after being butchered for their organs.

C.C. Baird and his family owned and operated Martin Creek Kennel, one of the largest Class B dealers in the United States, until Last Chance provided the results of their undercover investigation to federal authorities, who closed the facility in 2005. Baird's sentencing is expected to take place this winter. ..."

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Eventually this Scum-Bag Dirt Ball was nailed with a very wimpy slap-on-the-wrist.
But at least they are shut down, hopefully for good.

But this total piece of shit Monkee totally deserves to die, and he's not even going to be in a nice cage for even one day. That's bullshit.